The active surface of the dressing is coated with a cross-linked adhesive mass containing a dispersion of gelatin, pectin and carboxy-methylcellulose together with other polymers and adhesives forming a flexible wafer. In contact with wound exudate, the polysaccharides and other polymers absorb water and swell, forming a gel which is held within the structure of the adhesive matrix. The moist conditions produced under the dressing are intended to promote fibrinolysis, angiogenesis and wound healing, without causing softening and breaking down of tissue. The gel which is formed as a result of the absorption of wound exudate is not mobile and free running but held within the structure of the adhesive matrix. Most hydrocolloid dressings are waterproof, allowing normal washing and bathing.

  •  Hydrocolloid Dressings
  •  lntended for use in treatment of deep exudative wounds Such as pressure sores, burns or leg ulcer
  •  Adheres to Healthy Skin
  •  Does not adhere to lesion
  •  Impermeable to liquids and to bacteria
Code No. Size cm x mt
        OIE 6001 10 x 10 cm
        OIE 6002 10 x 15 cm
        OIE 6003 10 x 20 cm
        OIE 6004 20 x 20 cm
  • OIE 6005
10 x 10 cm
  • OIE 6006
20 x 20 cm
  •  Extra Thin