The porous hypoallergenic, non-woven tape
Very well tolerated by the skin
Allows free passage of air & moisture… Thus prevents moisture accumulation on the skin
Sticks well to highly contoured parts of the body
Well tolerated even by hypersensitive skin of elderly and infants


 Main Uses :
Securing of ostomy appliances, electrodes or other measuring devices to the skin
Fixation of dressing and instruments


 Comparison to other ordinary tapes :
Removed painlessly leaving no marks on the skin.. Hence preferred over other cloth/ordinary tapes
Requires no removal for X-ray examination
Tears easily by hand.. Hence superior to other ordinary tapes
Code No. Size cm x mt
OIE 5001 1/2 inch x 9 meter x 24 spolls
OIE 5002 1 inch x 9 meter x 12 spolls
OIE 5003 2 inch x 9 meter x 6 spolls
OIE 5004 3 inch x 9 meter x 4 spolls