Soft Roll (Cast Padding)
The white cast padding is non- woven and is made using viscose fibres, which brings comfort to the patient while plastered. These cast padding are used before any type of bandage to protect the skin or where swelling is expected. Specially used for sensitive or tender skin, these cast padding can also be used as Leg Roll, Long sponges etc.

Excellent conformability   Good cushioning
Easy to tear Soft
Autoclave   Polyester and acrylic fibre mix
Code No. Size cm
OIE 1013 10 cm x 3 mt
OIE 1014 15 cm x 3 mt
Other Sizes available upon request


Cast Paddings give excellent skin tolerance
Perfectly conforms to your body contours, allowing easy body movements
It acts as a cushion between the skin and the plaster
Prevents skin maceration
There are less chances of pressures sores occurring in your body
The padding allows normal breathing of the skin
Absorbs exudates and sweat
Permeable to air, cast padding avoids chances of skin irritation and maceration
Orthopaedic Padding Made from natural or synthetic non-woven fabrics with no added optical whitening agents. This Orthopaedic Padding is soft, smooth, and conformable to the body’s shape. The paddings has low moisture retention, hence reducing the risk of skin maceration and minimizes the formation of ridges. Hypoallergenic, the padding eliminates skin irritation and provides cushion between the plaster and the skin. Orthopaedic Padding protects bony prominences, and can be used under all types of casting materials. It is an economical, user-friendly, and safe product.