• Customer Oriented

We have a clear devotion to service. This is why all of our actions seek to satisfy our clients needs and expectations.

  • Business Ethics

Values like confidence, honesty and loyalty are deeply rooted in our business culture. Respecting this code of behaviour is our promise of operating with sincerity, and it is fundamental to preserve the confidence and credibility of our clients, suppliers, workers and society in general.

  • Respect

We respect equally our fellow employees, customers, suppliers and the consumers who purchase our products. We respect the contribution made by each of our fellow employees. We respect the comments from our fellow employees, we believe communication begins with listening.

  • Quality in All Our Work

The quality is seen in everything we do. We work with passion, commitment and dedication in order to obtain excellence and to exceed the expectations of our clients.

  • Obtaining Results

We work to obtain the best results without compromising our code of ethics. Our sense of urgency, responsibility and experience allow us to adopt measures and improvise efficient initiatives in the case of unforeseen events.

  • Spirited Teamwork

We support Teamwork Spirit, it is most important in achieving targets and successes. We support a collaborative work environment which encourages fresh thinking and shared knowledge. We believe that the more harmonious the team is, the better the results will be.

  • Social Responsibility

We are a part of many clients around the world, and that is why we have a solid commitment to society and to the environment. For OCEAN IMPORT EXPORT is the part of the decision-making process where we take into account both businesses factors and the expectations of Clients, Employees, Manufacturer, etc..